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Eletricidade Renovável em Revista - 2017

Discover the main milestones of the renewables sector in Portugal during 2017.

Map of Renewable Electroproduction Centers in Portugal

APREN (in collaboration with INEGI) launched in October 2017 a new version of the e2p - Renewable Power Stations in Portugal map.


This map is part of the e2p - Energias Endógenas de Portugal project, which consists of the design of a database with relevant information about all the power stations using renewable energy sources, existing in Portugal.

APREN Yearbook 2017

The 2017 edition of APREN´s Yearbook - a mark in the Portuguese energy portrait, being a showcase of what is done in the national renewable electricity sector - is already available (for associates only).

Mission Statement

Get to know APREN better and the advantages of being our partner, with this institutional presentation.

Renewable Electricity - 2016

The main milestones of the sector in Portugal during 2016.

Wind Index

The Wind Index (WI) aims to quantify the monthly electric energy production fluctuations coming from the wind resource around the historical average value.


It is based upon real wind farm production results, properly corrected in order to dissipate any operational unavailability effects. 

Parques Eólicos em Portugal

The e2p project - Endogenous Energies of Portugal is a collaboration between APREN and INEGI to develop a database of all the renewable energy power plants in Portugal with special regime, periodicly updated and available to the general public. 

Macroeconomic Impact of the Renewable Electricity Sector in Portugal

The renewable energy sector is assuming an increasingly important position in Portugal, as a result of the expression that its actors have assumed in the national energy panorama, which is an important contribution to the sustainable development of the Country, the creation of wealth and the generation of employment. Considering the context of the renewable electricity sector in Portugal, APREN promoted an analysis of the progress of the sector in the recent years, projecting its evolution until 2020 and 2030.


Study developed by APREN and Deloitte.

Renewable Electricity in Portugal

Monthly Bulletin, which characterizes the behavior of the renewable electricity sector each month, focusing, among other things, the relevant technical aspects of system behavior and renewables and the analysis of the production and evolution of markets and interconnections.