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Launch of the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change
Data: 2013-04-29
Hora: 11:30
Local: Charlemagne building, in Brussels, Belgium

This conference will present the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change, its priorities and the package of initiatives that accompany it. It will also offer the occasion to exchange views and experiences and for stakeholders, Member States and the European Commission to highlight adaptation actions needed at EU, regional and local level.

The general aim of the EU Strategy on adaptation to climate change is to contribute effectively to a more climate-resilient Europe. This involves greater cooperation and coherence in developing adaptation policies by fostering regional collaboration to address cross-border climate impacts and adaptation measures, and support for the exchange of knowledge and good practice between Member States, regions, cities and other stakeholders.

The draft conference programme will be available on the conference webpage: http://ec.europa.eu/clima/events/0069/index_en.htm together with comprehensive information on the conference location, accommodation possibilities and contact details.

In case you require any assistance, please contact the organising team at: conference@adaptationstrategy.eu for any requests concerning participation, registration, programme and other organisational matters.


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