APREN Award 2019 winner interview

1- What reasons led you to make a thesis in the area of ​​renewable energy?


Having chosen a specialization in renewable energy at FEUP, I think that would make the most sense. The renewable energy theme has always captivated me, as it will always be current, and because it gives me te possibility to contribute to a cleaner and more efficient planet. As for the theme itself, the expected high penetration of EVs had my preference, because there is still a lot to explore about its potential.


2 - What are your professional ambitions?


Professionally, I never really liked to think about the future too far in advance. At this moment I am a researcher at INESC TEC and I feel that I am learning and having a kind of preparation that the university can not provide. In the future, I want to continue to evolve and, above all, to keep up to date with this constantly evolving world. I also want to embrace challenges which can help to boost society.


3 - How did you find out about the APREN Prize?


I learned about the APREN Award through my mentors. They encouraged me to compete.


4 - What led you to compete?


What led me to compete was the possibility of seeing my work recognized by such a valuable institution as APREN. Also the monetary values ​​of the prizes were an incentive, no doubt.


5 - What message would you like to leave to those who are hesitant to participate in the 2020 edition?

Do it without hesitation. This is an excellent opportunity to see your work recognized.