APREN Award 2021

APREN promoted yet another edition of its APREN Award, an initiative that aims to promote academic theses completed in Portuguese universities and related to renewable electricity.



The winners for this year's Editions were:


  • First Prize: Francisco Fernandes (“Assessment of frequency stability behaviour regarding inertia reduction due to high ​renewable integration in the ​Iberian System");
  • Second Prize: Júlio Duarte (“Gestão de Repartição e Transação de Valor em Comunidades de Energia Renovável​");
  • Honourable Mention: Maria Oliveira e Silva (“Structured Photocatalysts Manufactured by 3D Printing for Green Hydrogen Generation”).


The applications were analysed by the Juri, composed by Professors Júlia Seixas (President of the Juri), Rui Castro and Jorge Maia Alves.

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