Sun Day 2019

APREN marked Sun Day 2019 with a panel discussion on "Expectations of Auction Modalities and the Implications of Financing Models". The event took place on May 23 at NOVA School of Business and Economics in Carcavelos, with the participation of the Secretary of State for Energy, João Galamba.


The event discussed various topics related to renewable energy (Solar in particular), with particular emphasis on the framework of the renewable sector in Portugal and the digitization as one of the main drivers for energy transition and decarbonization.

Several aspects related to the financing of solar projects have also be addressed, such as the current investment scenario and the type of bankability offers available in the market.

At the end there was a debate dedicated to the general theme of the event.


To see the photos of the event, click here.


The Sun Day


The Sun Day, created under the United Nations Environment Program, aims to alert to the benefits of the sun and its importance as a source of energy.


Solar energy

The production of electricity using the sun is possible through photovoltaic solar panels or solar thermal panels. The Sun can also be used to heat domestic water or industrial processes, avoiding the use of electricity or gas.


* Although the Day of the Sun is celebrated on May 3, due to incompatibility of agendas, it was decided to hold this event on 23.

Etienne Le Pargneux presentation
Luís Pinho presentation
Pedro Amaral Jorge presentation
Roger Font presentation
Margarida Herdeiro presentation
Miguel Vales presentation