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Coopérnico is the first (and only) renewable energy cooperative in Portugal. Our mission is to involve citizens in creating the new energy paradigm - renewable, efficient and decentralized - for the benefit of society and the environment. We believe in this change and want to accelerate it through citizen involvement in this non-profit, democratic management model. Coopérnico has 3 main areas of activity: production, commercialization and member services.


As member services, we focus on initiatives that promote energy efficiency and focus on self-consumption.


The ID Energia platform is an innovative tool aimed at helping all citizens, families and businesses to manage their consumption so that they can have a better understanding of their overall electricity consumption but also a clearer perception of consumption. as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Go to ( and get started now!


For families who would like to invest in a self-consumption system and know nothing about it, Coopérnico already has an answer! Coopérnico, Associação Júnior Empresa Ciências (JEC) and Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FCUL), have signed a protocol for Coopérnico members to request a preliminary study of the use of the photovoltaic potential of their home. If you are already a member of Coopérnico simply contact your renewable energy cooperative to find out how much you will have to invest, what will be the return on investment and the level of self-sufficiency achieved.


For those who want to move forward with investment in self-consumption, Coopérnico consulted with associated companies, which market self-consumption systems for the domestic sector, to present more advantageous prices to our members. Prices are available at