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ABARCA Seguros - the european insurer with largest experience in bonds for renewable energies (bid, connection points, performance)


ABARCA S. A. is an insurance company specialized exclusively in the Surety Insurance business and operates mainly in Portugal and Spain, having recently been authorized to operate in Italy. It counts on the experience of a team of professionals highly focused and competitive, trained and with wide experience in the Portuguese and Spanish markets. The strength of the company's balance sheet stems from a conservative investment profile and high liquidity.


Our commitment to our customers from the first contact is open, proactive and consistent to identify and respond in a timely and accurate manner to any business opportunity.


We work daily so that ABARCA becomes one of the largest insurance operators in the bond market, and is recognized as a specialist in specific sectors of activity such as renewable energy, construction and exploitation of natural resources.


The main benefits of subscribing to a Surety Insurance with ABARCA are the speed of the issuance process, the increase in the financial capacity of the company and the fact that the amounts secured through surety insurance are not considered for communication and registration purposes to the Portugal central bank credit responsibilities.


Specifically in the case of renewable energy, we seek the solution that best suits each client, whether they are funds, large local companies, multinationals or vehicle partnerships (SPV's). Each client has specific needs and ABARCA seeks solutions that fit all of them. We give importance to the economic part of the project but also to the technical component and the experience in this type of projects by the promoting companies.


Surety insurance is an indirect way of injecting liquidity into the economy as it avoids immobilized liquidity as a form of collateral with the Public Administration, Energy Authority, credit institutions and even private entities. The bond allows liquidity to be invested in the productive cycles of the real economy, generating wealth.


We have knowledge of the market and the technical competence to support the various projects that are starting in Portugal, both in the bidding surety for tender, and in the surety bonds to guarantee the contractual fulfillment of the tender specifications.


ABARCA is the first insurance company to achieve a rating in less than two years of activity. It currently has a B + rating granted by the A.M. BEST agency, allowing the issuance of guarantees in favor of public and private entities that require this requirement.


We like the personalized treatment, meet our employees, our customers and your business. We will be here to overcome the most complicated challenges, because it will be in these cases that we will demonstrate our full capacity.