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Manuel Azevedo, CEO at Energia Simples

Shared Future - Digital Paths in Energy


The smart meters that already occupy the homes of many Portuguese people and companies, are part of an indispensable evolution for greater efficiency and a definitive transformation in the way electricity is managed. Some of the advantages that innovative technologies bring are not immediately visible to consumers, but the individual and collective benefits improve the way we work and live.


The electrical network of the future will leave the unidirectional model and integrate a variety of small and large producers of renewable energy, consumed immediately in the place where it is produced, but that is also transferred between the users of the electrical network. Whether through European policies or through political consensus in pursuit of these goals, Portugal have the chance that all self-consumers of renewable energy share their energy, constituting a network between every consumer without disproportionate charges.


The new legislation that come into force in 2020 opens the door to the energy communities in Portugal, which aims to obtain a 47% share of renewable energy in gross final consumption by 2030. For this purpose, it also counts on all energy producers, including the photovoltaic, but also distributed through independent industries and houses that for the first time will be able to associate to share the electricity that each one produce between them. This concept can be applied to horizontal condominiums or apartments, villas, commercial or industrial units located within a certain area, which will define among themselves how they intend to manage and regulate this relationship.


Consumers will thus be able to share the costs of installing renewable energy equipment, such as photovoltaic panels, further increasing the profitability of self-consumption. Storage will also be boosted, for example with lithium batteries, scaling electricity efficiency with several participants. Also, by selling to the market, injecting unused energy into the network, opens the door to bidirectional billing with traders and aggregators, a market where Energia Simples operates, providing customers with 100% renewable energy and acquiring their energy. With the new legislation, we will provide support to companies and families wishing to join the community and deal with the entire legal and logistical process with the Electric Network, in the implementation and dimensioning of production and consumption communities, both for industrial complexes and for families. Energia Simples will also acquire the surplus green energy from these communities, including it in the energy of its customers, produced at home and 100% renewable.