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Digital transformation is irrevocable


The Covid-19 pandemic can be summed up as “never let a good crisis go to waste”. It has drawn our societies to a halt in the short term but has also offered a major opportunity for unprecedented reforms in the longer term. It has shown how hard it will be to decarbonise and how slow the recovery from the contaminating activity of humanity will be but has also highlighted how global problems cannot be tackled within national borders. In times of this great crisis, which can be seen as just a “preliminary round” to fighting global climate emergency, Prediktor as part of the Solar Energy sector value chain is one the players willing to lead the change and get closer to listen and fulfil the needs that society demands in favour of a better future for all.


On top of the traditional obstacles in the solar energy industry such as PV field reliability, during the Covid-19 times the renewables industry has been affected by disruptions in human workforce operations, local regulations, travel constraints, prize cannibalization and supply chain unpredictability. However, irrespective of PV plant size and location and irrespective of these constrains on the human workforce and physical inspections, Prediktor has helped its clients continue achieving reliable operations. This has been made possible by pairing Prediktor’s 25 years of knowledge and expertise developing critical-information systems with advanced digitalization. 

Digitalization allows to remotely monitor unmanned assets, unearth insights and improve operational performance from a service and maintenance perspective. PViewTM by Prediktor turns Asset Managers into well connected information executives by allowing them to fully understand, manage and act on their operation and therefore achieve peak performance at minimum production losses and financial costs. These “information executives” are guided by Prediktor’s system that first collects, cleans and structures data. Once the relevant parameters have been filtered into a comfortable user interface, operators can understand the real performance indicators, spot any alarming factors run simulations to compare real production against the theoretical and transform these insights into actions. Complete business intelligence is assured through flexible tools for reporting, scheduling and submission to satisfy stakeholders requiring different information in different formats. Because of Prediktor’s high data quality, time and money spent on data washing before submitting reports are reduced allowing you and your stakeholders to focus on the next steps for your portfolio. Finally, once you are ready for analysing and improving your profitability, Prediktor’s digital integrated solutions replace blind spots in decision making with predictive maintenance. This proactive OM approach eventually has greater impact on the financial bottom line rather than reactive style.

Looking ahead to see the absolute maximum potential out of every clean energy project, we must start looking at them through a maximum utilisation lens. As new trends such as hybrids of solar-plus-wind-plus-storage plants gain momentum and renewables will possible be co-located into flexible multifunctional grids, the ability to manage large amounts of data and scale the operation from a single plant to an expansive portfolio of renewables will be crucial to raise the game. To extract value from metadata, it will have to be easy to explore, analyse and understand. Prediktor’s digital toolset will assure your data’s quality through explicit visibility, ease of understanding and trustworthiness in front of your stakeholders when it’s time to report and take data-driven decisions.