Renewable energy supplies Portugal for three days running
One of the benefits of the current run of lousy weather is that Portugal has been self sufficient in renewable energy for three consecutive days.
Renewables bring 44% of Portugal's power in 2017
Renewable power plants met about 44% of Portugal's electricity consumption in 2017, shows data from the Portuguese Association of Renewable Energy (APREN).
Portugal's CO2 emissions rise 25% in a year
The Portuguese Association for Renewable Energies (APREN) and environmental group, the Zero Association, today called for more effort on renewable energy production in Portugal as a way of increasing the country's self-reliance.
Large-scale solar is not ready for the spot market in Portugal
In an interview with pv magazine, President of APREN, Sá da Costa, has explained why solar and renewable energy power plants selling electricity to the spot market are still unviable in the country, and has urged the government to introduce auctions.
Hydro-electricty supplies drop as severe drought continues
The Renewable Energy Association, APREN, reports that in the first nine months of 2017, the decrease in the production of renewable electricity in mainland Portugal has forced up the price of electricity by 28% to EUR50.