Prior consultation on the revision of the PNEC2030
Consultation open between 2023-03-15 and 2023-04-14
China bucks downward trend in coal-fired power
The construction of new coal-fired power plants has almost stagnated since the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, but the trend is threatened by a new impetus to this type of energy in China.
João Galamba says that the port of Setúbal has a strategic location for offshore wind farms
The Minister of Infrastructure said that the port of Setúbal has a strategic location for the installation of offshore wind farms and all industry related to the exploitation of this type of renewable energy.
Solar capacity licensed in 2023 already surpasses last year's
Last year, the Portuguese Environment Agency gave the "green light" to 1537 MWb of solar power. Until March of this year, seven environmental licenses had been approved, in 2.4 GW.
European Council and Parliament reach more ambitious interim agreement to reduce energy consumption in the EU
By 2030, EU Member States (MS) are expected to collectively reduce energy consumption by 11.7% in addition – if the interim agreement between the European Parliament and the European Council, reached on Friday, goes ahead.
Networked battery system is inaugurated in the Azores
A battery energy storage system was inaugurated this Monday on the island of Terceira (Azores), thus integrating more renewable energies in the region, with an investment of 14 million euros, according to the note released.
Land does not change from rustic to urban if it is leased for solar panels
In a binding information now disclosed, AT responds to a taxpayer, owner of a rustic building (land), who wants to know if he will pay Municipal Property Tax (IMI) as an urban building because it is leased there to be installed a park of solar panels to...
Renewables with 66% share in electricity consumption in February
According to REN, last month consumption increased 3.1% compared to February 2022. In natural gas, there was a 1.6% drop.
CO2 emissions rose less than expected in 2022
In 2022 CO2 emissions from energy grew by 0.9%, reaching more than 36.8 billion tonnes. But 550 million tons of CO2 were avoided by low-carbon energy.
EDP strengthens investment plan by 30% and expects to profit up to 1.5 billion euros in 2026
The group expects to profit more, with the result growing up to 14% per year, and distributing more dividends to shareholders.