PV Talk: APREN’s Pedro Amaral Jorge on Portugal’s solar ambition
Portugal’s solar ambitions have catapulted the 10-million-inhabitant Iberian republic to market-to-watch status for the world’s industry observers. 
European Green Deal set to transform economy in face of climate threat
The European Union is about to undergo the biggest overhaul of policy since its foundation, with nearly every major aspect of the economy set to be reassessed in light of the climate and ecological emergency.
‘Do no harm’: Nuclear squeezed out of EU green finance scheme
European Greens claimed victory on Thursday (5 December) after EU negotiators reached agreement on a green finance taxonomy aimed at channelling billions of private investor’s money into clean technologies. Coal, and – in principle – nuclear power, are...
Lower VAT on electricity would be ´excellent´
The President of the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN) said that a cut in value-added tax on electricity would be "excellent news", noting that levies mean electricity in Portugal costs more than the European Union average.
Association warns of coal-plant closure risks
APREN - Associação Portuguesa de Energias Renováveis (Portuguese Renewable Energy Association) said on Tuesday it agrees with the Government's decision to bring forward the closure of the Pego and Sines coal-fired power plants, but warns of risks related...
Portuguese auction attracts world record bid of €14.8/MWh for solar
The stunning low tariff is a third world record in five weeks. Solar prices continue to tumble and with a Saudi auction concluding tomorrow, the Iberian benchmark could be short-lived. The official result of the Portuguese tender will be announced August...
The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal, study finds
The United States creates more planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions through its defense operations alone than industrialized countries such as Sweden and Portugal, researchers said on Wednesday.
Le Portugal, nouvel élève européen modèle des énergies vertes
Le pays mise sur les innovations, comme le solaire et l'éolien flottants, pour réduire sa dépendance aux importations de combustibles fossiles.
Country wants to boost renewable electricity production
Portugal wants to more than double the production of renewable electricity by 2030, mainly through solar energy. Portugal's National Energy and Climate Plan 2030 was announced this Monday in Lisbon.
DiCaprio study: '100% renewables will save trillions of dollars'
Hydrocarbons can be eliminated from energy sector at quarter of the current cost of fossil-fuel subsidies — without nuclear or CCS — says new report.