Endorsed support to accelerate green technologies in industry
Applications are submitted within the scope of the call notice, published by IAPMEI - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.
Europe's future in energy: the lines are drawn
But the coming years may bring new challenges in the implementation of commitments at European and national level.
Household energy consumption in the EU falls in 2022 to the lowest since 2016
A small percentage of 2.3% used solid fossil fuels.
Secretary of State for Energy wants developers focused on renewables and "not on bureaucracy"
The executive also focuses on increasing the ambition of the PNEC and recalled the need for "significant investments" in electricity grids.
Countries aiming to triple renewable energy production are not aligned
IEA indicates that the target set at the last Climate Summit is present in only 12% of countries. But he argues that governments have the tools they need to move forward.
Companies that invest in energy efficiency are on the rise
A report by the Energy Efficiency Movement reveals that 99% of organizations are already or want to make their energy use more efficient.
Despite the growth, are investments in solar energy being enough?
Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable source nationally and the one that is attracting the most investment. Can Portugal reach a new record this year?
Humanity depletes the planet's resources for 2024 on August 1
Humanity will use in seven months what it takes the Earth 12 months to regenerate, according to calculations by the international sustainability organization Global Footprint Network.
Renewables supply 87% of electricity consumption by May
From January to May, hydroelectric production supplied 43% of electricity consumption in Portugal, wind 30%, photovoltaic 8% and biomass 6%.
Solar energy in Portugal already has more installed capacity than gas-fired power plants
The pace of installation of photovoltaic panels in Portugal in the first four months of this year accelerated compared to last year.