Portugal is the fourth EU country with the highest consumption of renewable electricity in 2022
Solar energy, Eurostat points out, is the source that has shown the fastest growth, and in 2008 it weighed only 1.0% of the total consumed.
Urban and energy regeneration: too much ambition and too little action
Learn about the various dimensions of the problem and the challenges that put buildings at the heart of intervention and the energy transition.
Obstacles to the triumph of renewables
To overcome the obstacles, attract foreign investment and position Portugal as a "hub" for innovation and research in the area of renewable energies, it is necessary that this sector be classified as a national project.
Eurostat publishes data on the use of renewable energy to produces light
In 2023, renewable energy production reached the highest value ever in the national system.
European project boosts joint interventions for energy efficiency
The SaveEnergyTogether project, promoted by the European Union's LIFE programme, will identify, analyse and advise on energy-saving measures.
New European project draws up a plan for the decarbonisation of buildings
Six buildings in several European countries and climates will be electrified and retrofitted with heat pumps as part of a new project that aims to draw up a plan for the decarbonisation of buildings.
Port of Aveiro opens tender to house units for wind farms
The three plots total 192,090 square meters, and are intended for industrial units in the floating offshore wind sector, which, according to the port administration, has already received interest from more than one entity.
Scientists want to "steal" photosynthesis from plants
The future of solar energy may have more to do with biology than engineering.
Is it possible to use buildings as giant renewable energy batteries?
U.S. researchers have found a way to use the buildings as giant batteries. At the base of this discovery are the cenospheres. Do you know what they are?
Hydrogen auction launched by Brussels received 132 bids
The project signals Brussels' goal of putting Europe on a path to green energy transition.