EIB mobilises €1.7 billion for new solar plants in Portugal, Spain and Italy
According to Brussels, the photovoltaic plants will have a total capacity of approximately 5.6 gigawatts and will produce about 9.29 terawatts per year. They are expected to be operational by the end of 2028.
Spain's Capital Energy attacks offshore wind farms in Portugal with three mega-projects
Some of the electricity to be generated in the parks will be used to produce green hydrogen.
New Energy Efficiency Directive published
The new Energy Efficiency Directive (EU) 2023/1791 introduces significant changes to the regulatory framework, in particular Regulation (EU) 2023/955 in its recast version.
Norwegian investors evaluate blue economy projects in Viana do Castelo
A total of 15 Norwegian businessmen came to Viana do Castelo, described as "the pearl of the offshore". APREN accompanied the visit.
Sunless solar energy in Norway
Norway has started capturing solar energy in a territory where the sun does not shine in winter as part of a pilot project that aims to make the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Circle more efficient.
Lagarde calls for strengthening economic ties between Mediterranean countries
Christine Lagarde argued that one of the ways to strengthen ties is to harness the potential of the Mediterranean to advance the ecological transition.
Inflation raises record price of the first solar auction by another 29%
In 2019, Akuo won the first solar auction in Portugal with an all-time low of 14.76 euros/MWh, but in four years it has risen 29% to 19 euros/MWh because of inflation.
The future of renewable energy in Portugal is getting closer and closer
It is known that Portugal has the ideal conditions to take full advantage of renewable energies – in fact, according to APREN, we are the fourth European country with the largest weight of renewables in its energy mix.
"The share of decentralized [energy] systems in the world is now more than half of the total volume"
"Unlocking the PV Potential" was the hat under which various experts addressed challenges and opportunities, as well as experiences, in the implementation of photovoltaics. 
Green hydrogen: expectations, advantages and challenges
Green hydrogen is one of the hot topics when it comes to the energy of a more sustainable future. But what are the advantages and disadvantages for the environment and the economy?