EDP Renováveis and LS Electric agree to develop projects in South Korea
The partnership is yet another sign of EDPR's international ambition and commitment to continue expanding its global presence and accelerating the execution of opportunities on the Asian continent.
Climate change and energy transition
We have seen the increase in the installation of wind and solar photovoltaic power plants, which are added to existing hydroelectric power plants, and which will replace thermoelectric power plants.
Renewable energies are the "right bet" to value environment and endogenous resources, costa argues
Statment from Ant├│nio Costa during the presentation ceremony of the Santas Solar Power Plant project.
Costa says energy transition is possible "without leaving anyone behind"
The energy transition has "environmental gain" and provides conditions to ensure the inclusion of workers in the emergence of new economic activities in the territory.
Vouzela will have demonstration center of innovative energy production technology
A German technology will be refined at the Vouzela Energy Technology Demonstration Centre.
High energy prices on the Iberian market are a risk, but also an opportunity for renewables
Recent historical highs in the Iberian energy market put household budgets under pressure, but the trend will be to decrease.
Urban rehabilitation: a movement without return
The energy efficiency and decarbonisation targets set by the European Commission set this out.
Auction | Solar floating PV
The procedure pieces as well as other relevant information under this procedure can be found in 'Auction 2021 - Floating Solar'
Capitalism capable of adapting to the challenges of energy transition
It revealed the annual report of the Climate Chance association, one of the few organizations that brings together businesses, states or communities.
ONI signs agreement with Acciona Energia for 100% renewable energy supply
The partnership will also allow every kW used in their data centers to be certified with 100% renewable guarantees of origin.