Solar energy in Portugal reaches the 2 gigawatts mark and climbs the podium of renewables
In May, for the first time, solar energy generated more electricity in Portugal than biomass, becoming the country's third renewable source.
Biofuels: "Portugal has the capacity to lead the transformation of mobility."
The head of the Portuguese association explains that biofuels produce 84% or even less of greenhouse gases than fossils, and 67% less than conventional electric vehicles, considering the origin of the electricity that feeds them.
Electricity production from gas reaches highest value ever in the first half, reveals REN
In addition to record levels in electricity production from gas, the level of electricity imports also reached new highs in the first six months of the year, REN said.
Hydroelectric production in Portugal had the worst June month in more than 50 years
Considering the first half of the year as a whole, the hydropower production index was 0.34.
There is ambition and potential in offshore wind, but "it's all yet to be done
Portugal wants to launch in 2023 "the largest auction ever" of renewable energy to take advantage of the great potential of offshore wind, but there are many challenges before projects can take shape.
Future of energy transition plays out at sea
The oceans may have the answer to help solve the current energy crisis and the private sector will play an important role in this goal, according to experts in the energy and sustainability sectors.
Government estimates 14% savings in electricity with Iberian price limitation mechanism
The Ministry of the Environment said that the implementation of the mechanism "allowed households and businesses with electricity supply contracts exposed to the spot/spot price of electricity to benefit from an average daily savings of EUR 38 per MWh.
Director General of Energy speaks of "critical situation" in the electrical system: "we will be on top of the ashes"
João Bernardo warned of a "serious security of supply problem" in energy and indicated that it would be possible to reactivate coal-based power plants in Portugal but "there is no political interest".
"Artificial subsidies don't interest us because they come and go"
João Manso Neto reveals the ambition of the renewable energy company and what are the plans for the 100 million euros of the capital increase.
Fossil fuels were the main source of electricity production in the EU in 2021
Total electricity supply in the European Union (EU) increased by 4.2% in 2021 compared to 2020 and fossil fuels were once again the main source, surpassing the renewable category, Eurostat reported.