Portugal is the ninth country in the European Union to reduce gas consumption the most in two years of RepowerEU
The figures are contained in a country-by-country report released by the European Commission on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of REPowerEU, which was set up for the EU to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels from Russia.
Energy storage values provided for in the PNEC are sufficient to meet targets
Data from a study on Energy Storage published by ADENE's Energy Observatory.
Portugal and 14 other member states call for greater efforts to decarbonise the heating and cooling sector
 15 member states join forces to increase decarbonisation efforts in Europe's most energy-intensive sector.
IEA recognises Portugal as a role model in the implementation of Energy Certificates
According to the agency, the Portuguese model "demonstrates the value of energy certificates as tools to incentivise energy efficiency, because they promote reforms that save energy and reduce costs".
Revolutionary energy storage system to be tested on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea
By their very nature, renewables such as wind or solar are irregular solutions because they depend on variable climatic conditions – there are some projects that seek to give greater stability to these technologies, such as solar panels that work at...
EU Council adopts common rules for gas and hydrogen and electricity market reform
Against a backdrop of energy crisis and geopolitical tensions, the new rules will help make the transition to renewable and low-carbon gases, in particular hydrogen.
Government chooses Hugo Carvalho to lead structure to accelerate licensing of renewables
The Ministry of the Environment promises a "more transparent, agile and simplified procedural regime".
Two years of REPowerEU: renewables as the key to Europe's energy independence
The REPowerEU plan has redrawn the energy map.
Government has already met with the sector about the offshore wind auction
The Minister of Environment and Energy has already received several industry associations to restart discussions on the topic of offshore wind energy.
Global production capacity of photovoltaic energy technologies in line with decarbonisation targets for this decade
The IEA's (IEA) Advancing Clean Technology Manufacturing report says investment in the production of clean energy technologies has increased to $200 billion in 2023.