Artigo de Opinião APREN | Eletrificação: onde precisamos chegar e quais os desafios
A eletrificação baseada em fontes renováveis é a abordagem mais económica para alcançar o desafio europeu e nacional para a neutralidade carbónica em 2050.
A pandemia vai salvar o planeta?
Em poucos meses, a Covid-19 travou a poluição e a emissão de gases com efeito de estufa – exatamente aquilo que é preciso no combate às alterações climáticas. Uma oportunidade única para mudar, dizem os especialistas. O que falta fazer para se evitar o...
The Covid-19 crisis is hurting but not halting global growth in renewable power capacity
After a dip this year, new renewable capacity additions are expected to rebound in 2021, but policy certainty is critical to ensure investor confidence.
Shine On: a Podcast by SolarPower Europe
Solar in the Time of COVID-19: Pedro Amaral Jorge from the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association
Portugal’s planned 700MW solar auction delayed
Portugal will postpone its planned 700MW solar auction in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Pedro Amaral Jorge, president of the Portugal Renewable Association APREN, told ICIS the decision was the right thing to do under the current circumstances.
Call to EU leaders: an EU Green Recovery to restart Europe
The immediate and necessary, yet unprecedented measures currently taken to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have brought Europe’s economy to a near-to-complete standstill.
PV Talk: APREN’s Pedro Amaral Jorge on Portugal’s solar ambition
Portugal’s solar ambitions have catapulted the 10-million-inhabitant Iberian republic to market-to-watch status for the world’s industry observers. 
European Green Deal set to transform economy in face of climate threat
The European Union is about to undergo the biggest overhaul of policy since its foundation, with nearly every major aspect of the economy set to be reassessed in light of the climate and ecological emergency.
‘Do no harm’: Nuclear squeezed out of EU green finance scheme
European Greens claimed victory on Thursday (5 December) after EU negotiators reached agreement on a green finance taxonomy aimed at channelling billions of private investor’s money into clean technologies. Coal, and – in principle – nuclear power, are...
Lower VAT on electricity would be ´excellent´
The President of the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN) said that a cut in value-added tax on electricity would be "excellent news", noting that levies mean electricity in Portugal costs more than the European Union average.