Press Releases

APREN will hold event dedicated to oceanic renewables
The conference will take place on the 24th of May at the Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon, and will discuss the present and future of oceanic renewables.
APREN makes its participation in the creation of a Training Center for Energy Transition official
The initiative is part of APREN's commitment to contribute to a fair and effective energy transition.
2022 in review, by APREN and ZERO
Renewable capacity exceeds 16 GW, natural gas prices reach historic highs, carbon dioxide emissions from electricity production stabilized in 2022.
Renewables minimize electricity surge for home and business consumers
According to ERSE, the reduction in the network access tariff will contribute, in 2023, to a decrease of around 55% in the final bill of domestic consumers and of around 30% in that of industrial consumers.
APREN congratulates release of "environmental simplex"
The diploma responds to the indications of the European Commission, simplifying the licensing of renewable projects and contributing to accelerate the energy transition.
COP27 lacked broader commitment
APREN's reaction to the COP27 deal
Renewables help halt sharp rise in electricity prices in 2023
The proposal for Tariffs and Prices for Electricity in 2023, presented by ERSE on October 17, clearly and unequivocally demonstrates this positive effect of renewable energy on electricity prices.  
APREN will award the best academic theses in the renewables sector
Applications for the APREN Award, established in 2015, are now open on the association's website.
Labeling nuclear and natural gas as sustainable energies is “climate throwback”
The European Parliament voted in favor of classifying some natural gas and nuclear energy projects as “green”, integrating them into the European taxonomy.
APREN stresses the illegality of additional municipal fees related to the deployment of renewable electricity production projects in Portugal
Decree-Law No. 15/2022 clearly establishes the compensation defined for Portuguese municipalities when installing renewable electricity production projects.