Press Releases

Ocean renewables under analysis by national and international experts
The Oceanic Renewables Summit 2024 will take place on 17th April at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, with the participation of official entities, energy promoters and other relevant players in the sector.
APREN awards four academic works of excellence in the area of renewables
The APREN Award ceremony included a debate on synergies between APREN, INEGI, INESC TEC and LNEG. The closing ceremony was in charge of MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho, President of the Jury of the initiative.
What is the political parties' view on energy transition?
APREN has promoted a political debate on decarbonization strategies, bearing in mind the upcoming legislative elections.
APREN event on oceanic renewables returns in April
The second edition of the biggest event on oceanic renewables in Portugal takes place on April 17th, in Lisbon. Registration is now open.
2023 in Review
Renewable capacity reaches 19 GW, with a target of 43.2 GW by 2030. Renewable incorporation reaches an all-time high. Electricity market prices have stabilized in 2023.
APREN's annual renewables conference gathers sector experts in Lisbon
Portugal Renewable Energy Summit returns to Culturgest, in Lisbon, on the 29th and 30th of November, with debate panels dedicated to the most relevant European and national themes for the renewable electricity sector.
In 2022 alone, renewables saved up to €1,600 on electricity for domestic consumers (about €133 per month), and contributed €3.7 billion to GDP. By 2030, the impact will be €17 billion.
Results of a Deloitte study for APREN.
APREN Award: Academic award in the ​​renewables field returns with new features
Applications end on November 30.
APREN launches Permitting Guide of Onshore Renewable Projects
The launch event was attended by the leaders of the three institutions – Pedro Amaral Jorge (President of the Board of APREN), Jerónimo Cunha (Director General of DGEG) and Nuno Lacasta (President of APA).
#PRES2023 - Reference event in the renewable sector returns to discuss main topics
#PRES2023 will take place next November 29 and 30 in Lisbon.