Press Releases

Renewables are crutial to avoid electricity prices increase
The 2022 proposal for Tariffs and Prices for Electricity published by ERSE underlines the positive contribution of renewables and their centrality in maintaining low electricity prices.
9 em cada 10 portugueses consideram que o país deveria investir mais em renováveis
Esta é uma das principais conclusões da análise Marktest para a APREN em antevisão à conferência anual da associação, a Portugal Renewable Energy Summit, que decorre nos próximos dias 9 e 10 de novembro.
APREN and APESF merge to promote renewable energies
The two associations followed their path always working in parallel, but with close and permanent cooperation and dialogue from their respective foundations.
Renewables contributed with 18.500 million € for the Portuguese GDP and saved 6.100 million € on electric bills
O estudo avaliou o impacto e a contribuição, entre 2016 e 2020, da eletricidade de origem renovável na fatura dos consumidores, no sistema elétrico e na economia nacional projetando os seus efeitos no contexto da política energética e objetivos...
APREN emphasizes increase in European target for renewable incorporation
The European Commission launched the legislative package “Fit for 55”. They are a total of 14 pieces of legislation to allow the expansion of the GHG reduction target from 40% to 55%, made official in December 2020.
APREN Applauds Tax Suspension to Alleviate Wholesale Electricity Price
Order No. 6398/2021 suspends payment on account applied to energy producers and will bring direct benefits to the consumer, lowering the price of electricity in the wholesale market.
Fiscal system does not reflect all NECP goals, a APREN study finds
This is one of the main conclusions of the APREN study on Green Taxation, launched today. The document has already been delivered to the State Secretariats for Energy and Tax Affairs accompanied by concrete measures that would allow the collection of an...
APREN/ZERO: 2020 in review
2020 in review in a joint communication by APREN & ZERO
2020: um ano de desafios, de oportunidades e de mudança
Emissões de dióxido de carbono na produção de eletricidade em 2020 atingem mínimo de 30 anos, com 61,7% da energia gerada em Portugal a ter origem em fontes renováveis.
Eletric energy prices will not increase in 2021
Globally, the consumers will not see an increase on prices for next year. APREN defends, however, that taxes do not contribute positively to the decarbonization of the economy.