Portugal Renewable Energy Summit 2021

Portugal Renewable Energy Summit 2021

APREN will host its annual conference on November 9th and 10th. The theme for the 2021 edition will be "Renewables, the enabler for economic recovery". The event will take place on an hybrid format, with the participants being able to chose between participating remotely or physically at Culturgest's "Grande Auditório", in Lisbon.


As in previous editions, it will count with the presence of some of the most renowned specialists in the renewable energy field (both national and international), and several debate panels, conceived to discuss the most important issues of this sector, and also with the APREN 2021 Award delivery cerimony.


For further information please contact: comunicacao@apren.pt.


9th November de 2021


All timings are GMT (-1h00 than CET)


  • 14h00 - 14h15: Opening session with Pedro Amaral Jorge (CEO APREN);


  • 14h15 - 15h15: Fit for 55 - the new european ambition;
    • Keynote Speech by Kadri Simson (European Commissioner for Energy)
    • Debate with:
      • Graça Carvalho (MEP);
      • Carlos Zorrinho (MEP);
      • Marisa Matias (MEP);
      • Nuno Melo (MEP);
      • Sandra Pereira (MEP);
      • Moderation by Pedro Amaral Jorge (CEO APREN)


  • 15h15 - 17h00: New framework for renewables - will it be enough to meet the targets?
    • Keynote speeches by:
      • Paula Pinho (Head of Unit – Directorate-General for Energy, EC);
      • Alejandro Donnay (Deputy Head of Unit - State Aid Energy, EC).
    • Debate with:
      • Giles Dickson (WindEurope);
      • Walburga Hemetsberger (Solar Power Europe);
      • Patrick Clerens (EASE);
      • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis (Hydrogen Europe);
      • Dörte Fouquet (EREF);
      • Remi Gruet (Ocean's Energy);
      • Jean-Marc Jossart (Bioenergy Europe);
      • Moderation by Pedro Amaral Jorge (CEO APREN).


  • 17h00 - 17h15: coffee break


  • 17h15 - 18h15: The evolution of electricity prices in the Iberian market;
    • Debate with:
      • José Donoso (UNEF);
      • Juan Virgílio Márquez (AEE);
      • José María Gonzalez Moya (APPA).


  • 18h15: Closing session by Pedro Amaral Jorge (CEO APREN)



10th November 2021


  • 09h00 - 09h15: Opening session with João Galamba (Assistant Secretary of State and Energy);


  • 09h15 - 10h10: Simplification of the licensing of renewable projects
    • Debate with:
      • Nuno Lacasta (APA);
      • Nuno Banza (ICNF);
      • DGEG representative yet to be appointed;
      • Moderation by Susana Serôdio (APREN).


  • 10h10 - 11h25: The path to 2.5 GW of Green Hydrogen
    • Presentations by:
      • Christian Pho Duc (Renewable Hydrogen Workstream);
      • Ana Barillas (Aurora Energy Research).
    • Debate com:
      • Sérgio Goulart Machado (Galp Energia);
      • Ana Quelhas (EDP Renováveis);
      • João Cunha (Smartenergy);
      • Luís Delgado (Bondalti);
      • Moderation by Pedro Amaral Jorge (APREN).


  • 11h25 - 11h45: coffee break


  • 11h45 - 12h45: Self-consumption, energy communities and energy efficiency;
    • Debate with:
      • Andreia Melo Carreiro (Secretariat of Energy)
      • Nelson Lage (ADENE)
      • Carlos Sampaio (Elergone)
      • Alexandre Cruz (Tecneira)
      • Jorge Esteves (ERSE)
      • Representative from DGEG to be confirmed.


  • 12h45 - 14h00: Lunch break


  • 14h00 - 14h30: APREN Award 2021 Cerimony


  • 14h30 - 15h30: Network Strategy, Consumption and Storage Flexibility;
    • Presentations by:
      • Prof. Peças Lopes;
      • João Coelho (Delta EE).
    • Debate with:
      • José Ferrari Careto (E-Redes);
      • Mário Paulo (ERSE);
      • João Conceição (REN);
      • Moderation by Miguel Prado (Journalist, Expresso).


  • 15h30 - 15h50: coffee break


  • 15h50 - 17h00: Big Scale Photovoltaic solar photography for 2030;
    • Debate with:
      • Júlia Seixas (FCT);
      • Manuel Silva (Aquila);
      • Miguel Lobo (Lightsource BP);
      • Miguel Patena (EDP);
      • Teresa Ponce de Leão (LNEG);
      • Moderation by Miguel Prado (Journalist, Expresso).


  • 17h00 - 18h15: Critical issues – how to enhance the increase of renewable power in Portugal?
    • Debate with:
      • Álvaro Brandão Pinto (Generg);
      • Duarte Bello (EDP Renováveis);
      • João Manso Neto (Greenvolt);
      • José Grácio (Trustwind);
      • Pedro Norton (Finerge).


  • 18h15: Closing session with João Pedro Matos Fernandes (Minister of Environment and Climate Action)