Ordinance No. 160/2024/1
Publication: 2024-06-07 | Implementation: 2024-06-08
Regulation of the Incentive Scheme 'Support for the Development of a Green Industry'.
Public Notice No. 736/2024
Publication: 2024-05-31 | Implementation: 2024-05-31
Call for expressions of interest in the continuation of the application for "Call 25 Energy Efficiency in Buildings".
Directive No. 15/2024
Publication: 2024-05-28 | Implementation: 2024-05-29
Changes the risk management and guarantees regime in the SEN and SNG, approved by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) through Directive no. 7/2021, of 15 April.
Order No. 5971-A/2024
Publication: 2024-05-27 | Implementation: 2024-05-27
Opening of a tenderĀ for the centralised purchase of biomethane and hydrogen produced by electrolysis from water, using electricity from renewable energy sources.
Judgment (extract) no. 196/2024
Publication: 2024-05-07 | Implementation: 2024-05-07
Unconstitutionality of the CESE applied to renewables.
Order No. 15/2024
Publication: 2024-04-18 | Implementation: 2024-04-18
Update of the reference tariffs for cogeneration for the 2nd quarter of 2024.
Order No. 4162/2024
Publication: 2024-04-16 | Implementation: 2024-04-16
Determines the preparation of a proposal for a Development and Investment Plan for the Electricity Transmission Network (PDIRT-E) for the period 2024-2033.
Annoucement No. 22/2024/1
Publication: 2024-04-15 | Implementation: 2025-02-02
It announces that the Portuguese Republic has notified its denunciation of the Energy Charter Treaty, adopted in Lisbon on 17 December 1994. The denunciation of the Treaty by the Portuguese Republic will take effect on 2 February 2025.
Order No. 3771/2024
Publication: 2024-04-08 | Implementation: 2024-04-09
Creates the technical committee for monitoring the voluntary carbon market provided for in the Decree-Law No. 4/2024, dated January 5.
Ordinance No. 135/2024/1
Publication: 2024-04-02 | Implementation: 2024-04-03
First amendment to Ordinance No. 110-A/2023, dated April 24, which regulates the Decree-Law No. 84/202, onĀ national targets for the use of renewable energy in gross final consumption of energy and for the share of energy from renewable sources consumed...