Order No. 6560-B/2021
Publication: 2021-07-05 | Implementation: 2021-07-05
Establishes the transaction rules of the guarantees of origin of electricity production from renewable sources, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 8 of article 9 of Decree-Law no. 60/2020, of 17 August.
Order No. 15/DG/2021 (DGEG)
Publication: 2021-07-02 | Implementation: 2021-07-02
It clarifies which documents are admissible as “proof of the right to use the space for the installation of the power plant”, within the scope of the procedure for attributing production licenses.
OrderNo. 16/DG/2021 (DGEG)
Publication: 2021-07-02 | Implementation: 2021-07-02
Extends the administrative deadlines of the UPP, provided for in paragraph 1 of article 27-B of Decree-Law No. 172/2019, of August 23, in its current wording, due to the epidemiological situation caused by COVID- 19.
Ordinance No. 138/2021
Publication: 2021-06-30 | Implementation: 2021-07-01
Defines the methodology for calculating the remuneration rate to be applied to the intertemporal transfer of allowed income, referring to the extra costs with the acquisition of electricity to special regime producers
Order No. 13/DG/2021 (DGEG)
Publication: 2021-06-30 | Implementation: 2021-06-30
Establishes the technical rules for the implementation of hybrid power plants associated with photovoltaic solar power plants resulting from competitive procedures.
Order No. 6398-A/2021
Publication: 2021-06-29 | Implementation: 2021-06-30
It adjusts the value of the parameter that represents the impact of extramarket measures and events registered within the scope of the European Union on the formation of average electricity prices in Portugal.
Rectification Statement No. 463-A/2021
Publication: 2021-06-25 | Implementation: 2021-06-25
It rectifies Order No. 6070 -A/2021, which approves the attribution regulation of incentives for the 2nd phase of the Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings.
Order No. 6304/2021, de 25 de junho
Publication: 2021-06-25 | Implementation: 2021-06-25
It regularizes the compensation made between 2013 and 2020 and the remuneration owed to the wind power generating centers covered by Decree-Law No. 35/2013, of 28 February.
Order No. 6070-A/2021
Publication: 2021-06-21 | Implementation: 2021-06-22
It approves the regulation for the attribution of incentives of the 2nd phase of the Support Program for More Sustainable Buildings, later changed by means of the Rectification Statement No. 463-A/2021
Diretive No. 11/2021 (ERSE)
Publication: 2021-06-21 | Implementation: 2021-07-01
It approves the update of the Electricity Sector Energy Tariff.