Joint Order No. 1 of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate and the Secretary of State for the Environment
Publication: 2024-02-26 | Implementation: 2024-02-23
Extends the deadlines for prior control procedures for solar auctions, other power plants with permits under the general regime and UPPs
Order of 23 February from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate
Publication: 2024-02-23 | Implementation: 2024-02-24
On the extension of the period of activity for the production of gases from renewable sources, subject to prior registration.
Order No. 1572/2024
Publication: 2024-02-08 | Implementation: 2024-02-09
Determines the extension of the validity of the Energy Saving Plan until 31 March 2024 and of the respective Monitoring Committee until 31 July 2024.
Declaration of Rectification No. 112/2024
Publication: 2024-02-08 | Implementation: 2024-02-08
Rectifies Directive no. 7/2024, of 16 January, which approves the methodology for the construction of loss profiles in distribution networks in the electricity sector.
Declaration of Rectification No. 100/2024
Publication: 2024-02-07 | Implementation: 2024-01-25
Rectifies Directive no. 4/2024, of 16 January, which approves the methodology for the construction of loss profiles in the transmission network of the electricity sector.
Directive No. 10/2024
Publication: 2024-02-07 | Implementation: 2024-02-08
Approves tariffs and prices for electricity and other services in 2024. It takes effect from 1 January 2024.
Ordinance No. 40/2024
Publication: 2024-02-05 | Implementation: 2024-02-06
Second amendment to Ordinance No. 244/2020, date October 15, which sets the tariff applicable to power plants that use municipal waste as a source of electricity production in energy recovery facilities, in the area of burning undifferentiated municipal...
Decree-Law n. 18/2024
Publication: 2024-02-02 | Implementation: 2024-02-03
Creates a mechanism to compensate municipalities for strategic electricity projects of great impact that generate significant negative local externalities. It enters into force the day following its publication.
Order n. 1335/2024
Publication: 2024-02-02 | Implementation: 2024-02-03
Determines the composition and functioning of the National Observatory on Energy Poverty.
Declaration of Rectification No. 80/2024
Publication: 2024-02-02 | Implementation: 2024-02-02
Rectifies Order No. 12935-B/2023, (Second amendment to Order no. 6476-H/2021, of 30 June, which approved the SCE Manual) published in the Official Journal, 2nd series, no. 241, of 15 December 2023.