Ordinance No. 45-B / 2021
Publication: 2021-03-01 | Implementation: 2021-03-01
Changes the procedures, model and other conditions necessary for the application of the social electricity tariff and the social gas natural tariff to economically vulnerable customers
Diretive Nr. 5/2021 (ERSE)
Publication: 2021-02-24 | Implementation: 2021-02-25
It approves the definition of the parameter of charges borne by the PRE within the scope of the transitional rule of article 8 of DL no. 76/2019
Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic Nr. 67/2021
Publication: 2021-02-24 | Implementation: 2021-02-11
Recommending the Government to reject an Energy Charter Treaty incompatible with environmental commitments and the interests of the population
Order Nr.4/2021 (DGEG)
Publication: 2021-02-24 | Implementation: 2021-02-24
Execution of exceptional and temporary measures in the scope of the licensing of the fuel sector, in response to the epidemiological situation arising from COVID-19
Order Nr. 1897/2021
Publication: 2021-02-19 | Implementation: 2021-02-20
It approves the budget of the Environmental Fund for the year 2021
Ordinance Nr. 38/2021
Publication: 2021-02-16 | Implementation: 2021-02-02
It creates carbon taxes on air and sea travel
Regulation Nr. 2/2021 (ERSE)
Publication: 2021-02-16 | Implementation: 2021-02-17
It sets exceptional measures within the scope of the SEN and the SNG
Declaração de Retificação n.º 5/2021
Publication: 2021-02-09 | Implementation: 2021-02-09
Retifica o Decreto Legislativo Regional n.º 1/2021/M, de 6 de janeiro, que adapta à Região Autónoma da Madeira o regime jurídico aplicável ao autoconsumo de energia renovável.
Resolution of the Council of Ministers Nr. 8-A/2021
Publication: 2021-02-03 | Implementation: 2021-02-04
Approves the Long-Term Strategy for Renovation of Buildings https://dre.pt/web/guest/home/-/dre/156295372/details/maximized
Regulation No. 103/2021
Publication: 2021-02-01 | Implementation: 2021-02-02
Amends the Electric Mobility Regulation