APREN Yearbook 2019

The APREN Yearbook is a milestone in the national energy outlook and a showcase of what is done in Portugal on electricity production from renewable sources. The main data and macroeconomic indicators of the electricity sector are displayed in the initial chapter, highlighting the renewable impact and the evolution of Portuguese energy independency from abroad.

In this edition, there are exhibited 5 biomass power plants (209 MW), 236 wind farms (5 205 MW), 46 large hydropower plants (6 751 MW), 100 small hydropower plants (375 MW), 37 PV solar power plants (93 MW) and 3 geothermal power plants (33 MW). This data corresponds to an overall capacity of 12 665 MW and a total of 427 renewable power plants.


In the link below you can consult the introductory chapters of this publication.