APREN Yearbook 2018

The 2018 edition of APREN´s Yearbook - a mark in the Portuguese energy portrait, being a showcase of what is done in the national renewable electricity sector - is already available (for associates only).


This edition presents 5 biomass power plants with a total capacity of 209 MW, 235 windfarms with 5 189 MW, 46 large hydropower plants with 6 751 MW, 99 small hydropower plants with 369 MW, 30 photovoltaic solar plants with 92 MW and 3 geothermal power plants with 33 MW. This data corresponds to a total of 418 renewable power plants with an installed capacity of 12 643 MW.

The 93% global representativeness of APREN is distributed per technology by 98% of windfarms power capacity,  99% of hydropower plants, 30% of solar PV, 28% of biomass and 100% of geothermal powerplants.